Fresh Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Christmas is my literal favorite time of year. My favorite season by far is summer. But when it comes to holidays...Christmas tops them all. From the smells to the "Merry Christmas" you hear when going through the Chick-fil-a drive-thru to spending quality time with family and friends. But one of my favorite parts about Christmas + winter is the decorating. I try out new things every year and this year I took our front door wreaths to a whole new level. So here's what I did but I love diy wreaths because you can literally put ANYTHING you want. So make it special and specific to your home and decor. Alright enough talk let's get down to it:

Here are the materials I used:

- twig wreaths (I think I got mine from Michael's but they should carry them at any craft store)

- fresh evergreen branches

- dried eucalyptus (hobby lobby ftw)

- faux winter berries (again, hobby lobby had 50% off all their winter florals how could i not?)

- dried wild grass (or whatever that is...I just know it looks pretty)

- ribbon (but not the stiff kind)

Step 1:

Add your evergreen branches first. I cut mine down to smaller sprigs so I could pick and choose where I wanted them to go and how they would lay. This is the base of what you're putting on the wreath so make it thick and bushy so it doesn't come off looking skimpy. This is why I love using twig wreaths, they're essentially intertwined vines so it makes it easy to poke other items into the wreath.

As far as the overall positioning of all your greenery, I like to give the wreath an asymmetrical look, especially since we have double doors so I have the right wreath come up with the greenery higher on the right (like in the picture on the left) and the left wreath is a mirror image of that. Got that? Ya, I know, it's way more complex-sounding when you have to type it out. So just keep adding and adding until you feel like it has the thickness and shape you like.

Step 2:

Now to add the eucalyptus and berries. I cut smaller sprigs from larger bunches of eucalyptus and the faux berries. And you may want to grab a pair of wire-cutters for the berries to make it easier on yourself and also extend the life of your scissors.

There isn't an exact science on where to put these sprigs. It's really wherever and however much you would like. But a helpful tip is to leave a longer end on your sprig so it goes wayyyyy into the wreath. Don't want stuff falling out all over your doormat when people are coming in and out of the house or whenever the wind blows.

Step 3:

Time to add the dried grass. (it reminds me of a mini version of pampas grass, but it's anyone's guess as to what the real name is)

These came in individual stalks with one fuzzy head at the end of each one. So I took 4 or 5 at a time and tied them together using some wire. You can use a rubber band or really anything as long as it keeps them together. Then *carefully* stick them in amidst the other greenery. These stalks are very thin and can break if you just shove them in so be gentle with them.

Step 4:

So there will be a bit of a bald spot where the two directions your greenery is going originate from. If you don't want ribbon you can put smaller sprigs of eucalyptus and greenery to help smooth over the transition point and make it look seamless. But I was looking on pinterest for wreath ideas and saw quite a few using ribbon and looooved it! So I picked up some flowy ribbon (is that a word? probably not oh well) from hobby lobby and used a 4 yard spool for both wreaths. So basically 2 yards per wreath. I did a simple half bow. So tie as if you're making a regular bow but when you get to the part where you're tightening the two loops, just pull one loop through all the way so you're only left with one. Again, you can do this however you want. A full bow, just a knot, you can even add 2-3 different types of ribbon to give it a fuller look with different shades of color. I thought about adding velvet ribbon to mine...I may still do it we'll see:)

Here's one of my finished wreaths. I ended up trimming the ribbon a bit on the ends after I hung them on our doors cause it felt a tad long. Hope you give fresh wreaths a try this winter! They're so much fun to make and it's a way to make your individual creativity come out in your home this season.

Be sure to tag me @careless_threads in your winter creations! I can't wait to see what you come up with <3



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